Whether you require a single desk for a home office, or a whole floor of professional office cubicles, The Furniture guys are here to help! In addition to our new and refurbished office furniture products, we provide a range of services from design and space planning to installation and decommissioning.

Space Planning

Our design experts offer spatial planning and reconfiguration options for your existing office, to help find the most efficient layout for your business.  


Our skilled installers can also provide decommissioning services for offices with GLOBAL Boulevard workstation panels. Please contact us for further information.

Furniture Design

Collaborate with us to design custom office furniture. Visualize your new office space with our 2D and 3D models, and select finishes to bring these drawings to life! 

Delivery and Installation

Our skilled team have many years experience working with cubicle systems, and offer delivery and installation services for all our office furniture products.

Used Cubicle Collection

As part of our responsible recycling initiative, we take on used GLOBAL Boulevard workstation panels, metal filing and storage cabinets, and office chairs in good condition.