Many businesses dispose of an enormous amount of office furniture annually. This results in large quantities of usable office furniture going into landfill and millions of dollars being spent on disposal fees. The Furniture Guys are committed to reducing these numbers, while saving our customers 50% – 75% of the costs associated with office furnishing.

By reusing and recycling furniture, businesses can help to protect and preserve the natural environment by reducing solid waste and air pollution. More businesses today are recognizing that long-term business goals and environmental protection go hand-in-hand. Choosing sustainable office solutions allow businesses to build an image as environmentally-responsible enterprises.

Chairs, file cabinets, and partitions are re-furbished and re-sold by The Furniture Guys instead of being placed into landfills. Eco-friendly methods to restore, re-purpose, and re-manufacture furniture, for example our fabrics are 50% recycled, and we powder-coat paint for all metal parts. These methods are exceptionally efficient and result in a significant reduction in solid waste and air pollution.

Green Office Furniture